Speaking Engagements

Where There’s a Will Foundation partners with educators who present inspirational and motivational talks about the elimination of racial bias, civic engagement, spirituality, and spiritual practices that renew and sustain individuals for a lifetime of community service.

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Past Speaking Engagements

  • Law and Society Association – Washington D.C. (Panelist – Oppositional Cultural Practice: Legal Theory and Implications) May 2019
  • The Integrated Lawyer: A Symposium on Wellbeing and the Practice of Law,  – San Francisco, CA (Discovery Session Leader – Ways we are using our expertise to develop wellbeing with law students, practicing attorneys, mediators, and others.) January 2019
  • Fourth Annual Law and Social Change Jam – River’s Bend, CA (organizer – spiritual practices) July 2018
  • NextLegal: CLE Webinar “California Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 3-110 “Failing to Act Competently”” – (Lecturer, legal continuing education course) February 2018
  • ClassCritsIX: “The New Corporatocracy and Election 2016” – Chicago, IL (planning committee and speaker) October 2016
  • BK Foundation Fall 2016 Intergenerational Exchange – Oakland, CA (planning committee and speaker) October 2016
  • Project for Integrating Spirituality, Law, And Politics (speaker) May 2016
  • Southern California Mediators Association – Malibu, CA (facilitator and speaker) February, 2016 “Oppositional Cultural Practice for Mediators”
  • U.C. Berkeley African American Student Development Leadership Retreat – San Francisco (facilitator and speaker) January, 2016
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration – Hercules, CA (speaker) January 2016
  • Southern California Mediators Association – Malibu, CA (facilitator and speaker) November 2015
  • ClassCrits VIII, Emerging Coalitions: Challenging the Structures of Inequality Annual Conference – University of Tennessee College of Law, Knoxville, TN (speaker) October 2015
  • How We Change the World – GTU/PSR, Berkeley, CA (speaker) May 2015
  • First Annual Law and Social Change Jam – Green Gulch, CA (facilitator – spiritual practices) April 2015